Gut Microbe Bacteria and Weight Loss

Gut Microbe Bacteria and Weight Loss
Did you know there are billions of microbe bacteria living in your gut? How you care for them directly impacts your weight and weight loss.

Your stomach / intestines area is an incredibly complicated part of your body. It has enough neurons that it almost qualifies as a "second brain". You know how you have a gut feeling at times? That's true. You actually do get strong signals from your gut area. It gives you information about how healthy you are. That is guided in part by the reactions of those bacteria.

A key component of how well those gut bacteria thrive is fiber.

Those gut bacteria need fiber to work properly.

Did you know the type of bacteria you have in your gut strongly impacts how easily you lose weight? You can build healthy bacteria through the consumption of fiber, yogurt, and other healthy foods. Junk food? You guessed it. That can cause harm to your bacteria. Meaning your metabolism just doesn't work as well.

You don't just want to pop fiber pills. Bacteria didn't develop in a fiber-pill world. You want to eat food which naturally provides the fiber they need.

artichoke high fiber

Here are some foods naturally high in fiber:

High Fiber Food List

One researcher did an experiment on his collage-age son (pretty callous!) and had him eat only fast food for a week straight. Cornell University and the British Gut Project did the testing. After that one single week, about 40% of the lad's stomach diversity had been wiped out. It took quite a while to regrow.

A key is to eat a mix of things. You can't just eat corn all day every day and build a good mix of bacteria. You need to eat a combination of different things. Fresh things. In season things. Work yogurt into your diet. Avoid taking antibiotics - those kill off those bacteria.

Think of your gut bacteria as partners in life. The more you take care of them, the more they will care for you.

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